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Fill-In-The Blanks Oscar Acceptance Speech

“Wow! This is (    ADJECTIVE     ) incredible. I’m not prepared at all. OK, so I’d like to thank the [    NOUN        ] for this [     ADJECTIVE     ) honor. Working on [    MOVIE TITLE     ] was such an [     ADJECTIVE     ] experience. I need to thank our wonderful (    JOB TITLE     ) for all of his/her hard work on the film. His/her direction brought this film to [    NOUN     ] and made me a better (     JOB TITLE     )

I have been [    VERB ENDING IN –ING     ] about this since I was a [    NOUN     ] . I wouldn’t be here without [    PERSON     ] for raising me and supporting me. You are my life! Oh no, I’m getting the signal to(    VERB     ] it up. Well, thank you again, and if my [    PLURAL NOUN     ] are watching, go to bed!”