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About DinnerTime

The idea of DinnerTime was conceived as a powerful way to connect the dots between busy people, quality dinners at home, grocery store sales and technology to support happier, healthier families and communities.

In 2010, co-founders Laura and Charlie Moore set about creating a solution to everyone’s daily question — What’s for dinner? — resulting in a company and growing team of professionals who care passionately about enabling nutrition-driven change in healthcare, society, and in the daily lives of each of our members.

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Our Mission

Make it amazingly simple and affordable to plan, prepare and enjoy customized meals with family and friends at the dinner table.

Our Vision

  • Inspire many millions of people to share more meals made at home
  • Dramatically improve public health through better nutrition
  • Create a consumer revolution to drive the food industry to support healthier eating and a healthier Earth
  • Make healthier eating available and affordable to all

Our Core Values

  • Respect nature and its bounty
  • Embrace our differences
  • Family comes first
  • We are what we eat
  • Fresh ingredients are yummier
  • The right food can change lives
  • Food feeds and fuels the soul
  • Good choices should be rewarded

Your Privacy

DinnerTime believes that your personal information is exactly that… yours! Your personal information will never be shared with any third party — not your employer nor any advertiser or other party. Your personal information will never be used for any purpose other than to benefit you and your family, as expressed through your personal preferences. If you wish to share your information with your personal doctor, health coach, fitness coach or nutritionist, DinnerTime will enable you to do so only with your explicit permission. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

Our Values in Action

DinnerTime is committed to investing a minimum of 10% of revenues to activities and organizations doing great work in areas consistent with our mission and values. These include, but are not limited to the following areas:

If you have suggestions for an organization or activity that merits consideration for support, we’re interested in hearing from you. Please contact us at

The more members who join and use DinnerTime, the stronger our collective impact can be!

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