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Table Talk

  • Cherry Tomato Love!

    I’m so horrified that as kids, my brother and I threw cherry tomatoes over the hedge at oncoming cars. The splat as the little red bomb hit the car was immensely fun. My brother would throw them high, so they… Read More

  • 10 Best Tips for the Most Flavorful Burgers

    As long weekends go, Memorial Day is one of my favorites. Bring on the picnics, parades and fireworks to celebrate the official start of summer. Like so many summer nights, we’re usually outside grilling something for dinner with our friends… Read More

  • Summer Potluck Picks

    Yes, yes, yes! Next week is Memorial Day Weekend… for me, the official start of the summer entertaining season. The air is turning warm and sweet with the smell of flowers and freshly mowed grass. The sun is shining and… Read More

  • Bring On The Barbecue!

    If you ever need to perk up a lagging party conversation, just bring up the topic of barbecuing. I’m not talking burgers and steaks, I’m talking about the low-n-slow melt-in-your-mouth sweet or spicy or smokey barbecue! I’ve seen eyes brighten… Read More

  • April Winners!

    Scroll down to see if you won! Earn points and win! Every month you can be entered to win a prize from DinnerTime if you have earned 50 points or more. Check out your scorecard to see how many points you’ve earned!… Read More

  • Cinco de Mayo…It’s Fiesta Time!

    Hola! Shake a maraca and samba your way over to join us for a fun El Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Dip into our Chipotle-Black Bean Salsa and sip on a margarita. It’s fiesta time and we’re ready to celebrate. I’m always up… Read More

  • The Very Merry Month of May!

    O the month of May, the merry month of May,     So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green! ~Thomas Decker, The Shoemaker’s Holiday I just love saying, the Merry Month of May! Maybe it’s the alliteration or… Read More

  • Much Ado For Dinner

    Hark thee! Heigh ho, come thee hither and celebrateth National Shakespeare Day! Wouldn’t it be fun to talk like Shakespeare and his pals back in Elizabethan times? T’will be a hilarious dinner conversation if everyone adopted “Shakespearian” language. Although “The… Read More

  • Rah Rah Rah Today!

    April is a betwixt and between month. It’s not really warm but it’s no longer winter. The weather can go from sunny and hot to wet and chilly, from one day to another. I love April because it feels like… Read More

  • Food and Faith

    When we sit down to share a meal with others, it feeds our soul as well as our bellies. Food is essential to life, and therefore the sharing of it is, by definition, a deeply spiritual act. Sacrificing self for… Read More