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How it Works

You’ve never experienced meal planning personalization like this.

You’ll get delicious recipes (automatically using on-sale ingredients at your selected grocery store) that fit your personal preferences:

  • Nutritional goals
  • Number of servings
  • Time to prep and cook
  • Budget
  • Skill level
  • Dietary restrictions (allergies, religious, health, etc.)
  • Personal tastes
  • And so much more…

Getting started couldn’t be easier….

  1. Complete your primary meal profile (you can create additional meal profiles later).
  2. Click the “Start a New Meal Plan” button.
  3. Choose the day you plan to go grocery shopping and your preferred store.
  4. Customize your 7-day meal plan or go right to your shopping list!

The DinnerTime meal planner will do the rest!

I love knowing I’m taking advantage of on-sale items without giving it a thought. It couldn’t be easier to save money.

DinnerTime has made it effortless to get recipes that work for my son who has allergies… and the rest of the family.

I would recommend DinnerTime to anyone with a health condition that requires a specialized diet.