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Table Talk

  • Rise and Shine!

    Don’t you just love how early the sun rises in the summer? It sets my mood to “happy” right away. Sunrise is the most peaceful time of day. Confession: I love getting up early in the morning, rain or shine…. Read More

  • Celebrate Memorial Day Freedoms!

    And just like that, Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! It seems like, just yesterday, I was complaining about all the snow, and now we are getting ready to embrace summer. Granted, Memorial Day Weekend is not the official start… Read More

  • Bring on the Barbecue!

    If you ever need to perk up a lagging party conversation, just bring up the topic of barbecuing. I’m not talking burgers and steaks, I’m talking about the low-n-slow melt-in-your-mouth sweet or spicy or smokey barbecue! I’ve seen eyes brighten… Read More

  • Hummin’ for Hummus…and Tzatziki

    Many moons ago, I first tasted a delicious dip called hummus at the home of my friend, Carol. It was soooo many moons ago that I wouldn’t have found a selection of hummus varieties at the grocery store like I… Read More

  • Cooking with Mom.

    How loud can a whisper be? Pretty loud with young children trying to sneak out of the house on Mother’s Day to let Mom sleep in! Every year my husband would get the kids up early and attempt to let… Read More

  • April Winners!

    Scroll down to see if you won! Earn points and win! Every month you can be entered to win a prize from DinnerTime if you have earned 50 points or more. Check out your scorecard to see how many points you’ve earned!… Read More

  • The Merry Month of May!

    O the month of May, the merry month of May,     So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green! ~Thomas Decker, The Shoemaker’s Holiday I just love saying, the Merry Month of May! Maybe it’s the alliteration or… Read More

  • It Starts At Home

    Did you see the episode from Mad Men where the family is on a picnic in a bucolic setting? At the end of the picnic they throw their trash aside. Just leave it on the green grass. I remember watching… Read More

  • Rah Rah Rah Day!

    April is a betwixt and between month. It’s not really warm but it’s no longer winter. The weather can go from sunny and hot to wet and chilly, from one day to another. I love April because it feels like… Read More

  • 8 Steps to Get Your Garden Growing

    The saying “April showers bring May flowers” reminds me it’s time to prepare my vegetable garden for the new season. The weather is changing to warmer and longer days. April is still a bit raw in my area so getting… Read More