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Table Talk

  • Stay Energized!

    I admit it. I’m thankful Thanksgiving is over! The meal was great. And of course we love the leftovers, but the amount of carbs I consumed is way more than I like. No wonder I’ve been feeling sluggish, a little… Read More

  • Leftovers Are The Best!

    Last week my friend, Mike, and I were talking about how much we love Thanksgiving, We exchanged stories about past holidays, our own personal traditions and of course our favorite recipes. He’s excited that he’ll be roasting not just one… Read More

  • Make Room for the Turkey!

    Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it’s time to make room for the turkey! I mean this literally and figuratively. As I make room in my refrigerator for the turkey and all the fixings, I also have to make the… Read More

  • Super Scrumptious Salads!

    Whenever someone offers to bring a dish to a dinner that I’m hosting, I ask for a leafy salad. I can make salad easily; in fact, we have salads with our dinner almost every night. But seeing what other people… Read More

  • Feel The Heat! Roasting Tips

    Do you switch up how you cook based on the season? I choose certain foods seasonally, like asparagus and fresh peas in the spring, ripe tomatoes in the summer and root veggies in the winter. What I mean is, do… Read More

  • October Winners!

    Scroll down to see if you won! Earn points and win! Every month you can be entered to win a prize from DinnerTime if you have earned 50 points or more. Check out your scorecard to see how many points you’ve earned!… Read More

  • Tricky and Fun Ideas

    Halloween can be extra tricky. Scary is fun but too much scary is, well… SCARY! I want to make it spooky …in a good way. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to all things scary so making… Read More

  • When the time is right…Enjoy your PSL!

    It seems a little crazy that stores start displaying Halloween costumes and coffee shops start selling PSL (Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes) in early August. But when the time is right, I love a yummy PSL. The taste and aroma of anything with… Read More

  • Fall Into Winter Squash!

    Ahhhh! The air is crisp, the leaves are turning and I’m cooking with my favorite winter squashes. Yes, I said “winter” squash not “fall” squash. Really, winter squash should be called fall squash. I mean, it makes sense, right? Winter… Read More

  • Knock Knock! Orange you glad it’s October?

    Ever notice how all the scary movies premier in October? Creepy, frightening, scream-worthy movies and shows portending Halloween. Boo! Why does the entire month need to be so terrifying? My kids love the whole chiller genre, but I don’t “do… Read More