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Archive for the ‘Holidays and Other Occasions’ Category

  • Leftovers Are The Best!

    Last week my friend, Mike, and I were talking about how much we love Thanksgiving, We exchanged stories about past holidays, our own personal traditions and of course our favorite recipes. He’s excited that he’ll be roasting not just one… Read More

  • Make Room for the Turkey!

    Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it’s time to make room for the turkey! I mean this literally and figuratively. As I make room in my refrigerator for the turkey and all the fixings, I also have to make the… Read More

  • Tricky and Fun Ideas

    Halloween can be extra tricky. Scary is fun but too much scary is, well… SCARY! I want to make it spooky …in a good way. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to all things scary so making… Read More

  • Knock Knock! Orange you glad it’s October?

    Ever notice how all the scary movies premier in October? Creepy, frightening, scream-worthy movies and shows portending Halloween. Boo! Why does the entire month need to be so terrifying? My kids love the whole chiller genre, but I don’t “do… Read More

  • The Facts Support Family Meals

    Check out these facts: The more times you eat together as a family, the more your family connection increases, which means increased self-esteem, a sense of well-being, and positive social behaviors. This applies to both adults and children. Without reading… Read More

  • Bring home your own victory.

    Don’t get sacked – have your playbook ready for a winning tailgate! The game is fun, but the tailgate is serious business! I know folks who organize their feasts like they’re in a competition with fancy decorations, special marinades, and… Read More

  • September is National Family Meals Month™

    When I was a child, I  thought the calendar year started with September. It was all about the beginning of the school year, the changing season and the faster pace. Regardless of whether you have children at home, schedules become full… Read More

  • Labor Day Means Cookouts!

    Where did the summer go? The days are getting shorter, and the weather, while still hot, is subtly changing. I want to take advantage of that laid-back summer vibe before the hectic over-scheduled fall begins. I surveyed my friends and… Read More

  • Keepin’ it cool on the 4th!

    Do you have memories of super-hot 4th of Julys? I mean burn your feet as you run across the beach hot, fry an egg on the sidewalk kinda heat. It’s the day that says, “Summer has definitely arrived.” And it always… Read More

  • Celebrate Memorial Day Freedoms

    And just like that, Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! It seems like, just yesterday, I was complaining about all the snow, and now we are getting ready to embrace summer. Granted, Memorial Day Weekend is not the official start… Read More