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Archive for the ‘Star Ingredients’ Category

  • Dear Dad: How the lessons you taught make the best fried chicken.

    With Father’s Day upon us again, I want to make my dad a dinner worthy of his influence and love on my life.  Of all the meals Dad loves, his favorite remains classic Buttermilk Fried Chicken. As I made this… Read More

  • Cherry Tomato Love!

    I’m so horrified that as kids, my brother and I threw cherry tomatoes over the hedge at oncoming cars. The splat as the little red bomb hit the car was immensely fun. My brother would throw them high, so they… Read More

  • Bring on the Barbecue!

    If you ever need to perk up a lagging party conversation, just bring up the topic of barbecuing. I’m not talking burgers and steaks, I’m talking about the low-n-slow melt-in-your-mouth sweet or spicy or smokey barbecue! I’ve seen eyes brighten… Read More

  • Hummin’ for Hummus…and Tzatziki

    Many moons ago, I first tasted a delicious dip called hummus at the home of my friend, Carol. It was soooo many moons ago that I wouldn’t have found a selection of hummus varieties at the grocery store like I… Read More

  • The Great Debate

    Do you like cilantro or parsley? It’s not really a debate between which is better, it’s more about preference. I prefer parsley to cilantro. They do look amazingly similar (particularly flat leaf parsley), but the taste of cilantro is different… Read More

  • Go Green!

    Happy St Patrick’s Day. I’m ready to go all green! Green is good, right? When I think of “green”, I think of good things like making environmentally friendly choices, and how the yard turns green with the warmer spring weather…. Read More

  • Popeye Loved His Spinach! 9 Reasons We Do Too.

    Do you remember Popeye? He was the goofy cartoon character who understood the power of spinach. Popeye had it going on. He was brave, he was cute, he was strong, and he had Olive Oyl! And Popeye really loved his… Read More

  • Citrus Sunshine!

    Aye aye, Cap’n, we’ll not be getting scurvy aboard our ship! (Or in my home!) Unlike sailors of yore, who went for long periods of time without fresh fruits and vegetables, we are able to get vitamin C through our… Read More

  • Add A Little Spice For Your Heart!

    That’s right…I’m having a love affair with some of my favorite spices! And these spices love me back by helping my heart. I’ve always used spices to add flavor to my meals, but after I learned they’re specifically helpful in… Read More

  • Mad for Mushrooms!

    My children gave my husband a book of “Dad Jokes” for his birthday. Like he needs it! He can write a book of these types of corny jokes himself. One of his favorites is: Why did the mushroom get invited… Read More