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Archive for the ‘Star Ingredients’ Category

  • Rule Your Roost: It’s National Chicken Month!

    Here’s something to squawk about: September is National Chicken Month! It seems crazy to designate only one month to chicken. Isn’t every month a good time to celebrate chicken? Some people are reading this and groaning “So tired of the… Read More

  • The Best Burgers!

    Summer is almost over but I’m not ready to put away the grill. I’ve loved the longer days, sunshine and relaxed atmosphere, plus really valued getting together with friends and family after the long lock down. It’s been a relaxing… Read More

  • Fruit Fun!

    Summer is the season of late-night bonfires and pool parties, of colorful carnivals and state fairs – so many opportunities for fun! Along with the activities come sweet treats such as funnel cakes, ice cream cones, sticky cotton candy, and… Read More

  • Dagwood’s Favorite!

    Just the other day, my hubby found out that our nephew had never heard the term, The Dagwood. We were both incredulous! For those that don’t know, Dagwood Bumstead of the cartoon series, Blondie, made the Dagwood sandwich famous. The… Read More

  • Basil Love!

    I admit it, I have a “thing” for basil. Yep, my own little love affair with a green plant. Basil is no ordinary plant in my world. It is the essence of summer in a leaf. I can’t imagine a… Read More

  • The Marvelous Mango

    My younger daughter’s very favorite fruit is mango. Emphasis on FAVORITE! She loves all fruit, but the mango is a clear winner. Mangoes are a stone fruit with a large seed. In fact, they are part of the cashew family… Read More

  • I Love You Berry Much!

    Berrylicious! I know that isn’t a real word, but it sure describes how I feel about berries. Whether it’s blueberries, raspberries, blackberries or strawberries, I just love how delightfully sweet and juicy they taste. I never tire of berries, and… Read More

  • Dear Dad: How the lessons you taught make the best fried chicken.

    With Father’s Day upon us again, I want to make my dad a dinner worthy of his influence and love on my life.  Of all the meals Dad loves, his favorite remains classic Buttermilk Fried Chicken. As I made this… Read More

  • Cherry Tomato Love!

    I’m so horrified that as kids, my brother and I threw cherry tomatoes over the hedge at oncoming cars. The splat as the little red bomb hit the car was immensely fun. My brother would throw them high, so they… Read More

  • Bring on the Barbecue!

    If you ever need to perk up a lagging party conversation, just bring up the topic of barbecuing. I’m not talking burgers and steaks, I’m talking about the low-n-slow melt-in-your-mouth sweet or spicy or smokey barbecue! I’ve seen eyes brighten… Read More