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Archive for the ‘Star Ingredients’ Category

  • Hot Weather? Cold Soup!

    For a few days this summer we had cooler weather and I actually turned off the air conditioner. But I knew it was only a matter of time before we would hit hot temperatures again. Welcome to August! Not only… Read More

  • Tasty Tomatoes!

    My mom doesn’t have the room to do a large vegetable garden, so she shares with me. My garden is impressive to many of my friends, but is only about a third of the size of what Mom once had…. Read More

  • Avocado Love!

    Shhhh! Don’t tell but I’m having a love affair with avocados! It feels perfectly natural that I love a fruit that loves me back! Actually, It’s not a big secret in our home that I love avocados. I buy them… Read More

  • Zinging for Zucchini!

    It’s exploding! My garden that is… All of a sudden everything is ripening and I can’t pick fast enough. (Yay!) Some plants will do well one year but not as well other years. But zucchini is one of those prolific… Read More

  • Make Mine Mango!

    My younger daughter’s very favorite fruit is mango. Emphasis on FAVORITE! She loves all fruit, but the mango is a clear winner. Mangoes are a stone fruit with a large seed. In fact, they’re part of the cashew family (yup,… Read More

  • The Cornier the Better!

    What did the corn say when he was complimented? Aww, Shucks! I didn’t have a map of the corn maze, so I had to play it by ear! Have you heard this one: Did you know there’s an app for… Read More

  • Fishing Fun!

    I asked my husband why he loves to fish. He responded with a whole slew of reasons, but said that his favorite fishing has been with his kids. I get it. If you really love an activity, it brings great… Read More

  • 10 Best Tips for the Most Flavorful Burgers

    Summer solstice is almost upon us ( June 21, 2022.)  I love the longer days, sunshine and relaxed atmosphere of summertime. The best is getting together with friends and family for easy and tasty meals. Just a couple nights ago… Read More

  • Egg-sactly for Dinner!

    Yesterday, our friend George dropped off a dozen eggs straight from his chicken coop. He has different varieties of chickens and consequently, the eggs are an array of gorgeous colors of greens to blues and soft browns. They’re almost too… Read More

  • Piece of Pizza Please!

    I want someone to look at me the same way I look at pizza. – Anonymous I often wax rhapsodic about pizza! I’m not the only one who loves pizza. In fact, 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly and about… Read More