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Archive for the ‘Tips & Tricks’ Category

  • Impact At The Table

    Sometimes a small change can make a big impact. For example, I now hang my keys in the same place when I enter the house. By making that one small tweak to my routine, I saved myself time and angst… Read More

  • Hot Weather? Cold Soup!

    For a few days this summer we had cooler weather and I actually turned off the air conditioner. But I knew it was only a matter of time before we would hit hot temperatures again. Welcome to August! Not only… Read More

  • Tasty Tomatoes!

    My mom doesn’t have the room to do a large vegetable garden, so she shares with me. My garden is impressive to many of my friends, but is only about a third of the size of what Mom once had…. Read More

  • Avocado Love!

    Shhhh! Don’t tell but I’m having a love affair with avocados! It feels perfectly natural that I love a fruit that loves me back! Actually, It’s not a big secret in our home that I love avocados. I buy them… Read More

  • Zinging for Zucchini!

    It’s exploding! My garden that is… All of a sudden everything is ripening and I can’t pick fast enough. (Yay!) Some plants will do well one year but not as well other years. But zucchini is one of those prolific… Read More

  • A Recipe for Happiness

    As if I need an excuse to get together with my friends, August 1st is National Girlfriend’s Day. I really value my girlfriends and we try to connect pretty often. We’re good about celebrating each other’s special gifts, important events… Read More

  • Make Mine Mango!

    My younger daughter’s very favorite fruit is mango. Emphasis on FAVORITE! She loves all fruit, but the mango is a clear winner. Mangoes are a stone fruit with a large seed. In fact, they’re part of the cashew family (yup,… Read More

  • Vacation!

    In my dreams I see myself vacationing where someone makes me all my meals and brings me pretty umbrella drinks as I lounge by a pool. However, my reality looks a little different! When we’re lucky enough to go on… Read More

  • Keepin’ it cool on the 4th!

    Do you have memories of super-hot 4th of Julys? I mean burn your feet as you run across the beach hot, fry an egg on the sidewalk kinda heat. It’s the day that says, “Summer has definitely arrived.” And it always… Read More

  • Help Your Host!

    So you’ve been invited to a summer party and you offered to “bring a side dish”? Don’t panic…we’ve got you covered! You have the easy part of the meal. Entertaining in the summer just feels more relaxed for me. I’m… Read More