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  • 10 Best Tips for the Most Flavorful Burgers

    As long weekends go, Memorial Day is one of my favorites. Bring on the picnics, parades and fireworks to celebrate the official start of summer. Like so many summer nights, we’re usually outside grilling something for dinner with our friends… Read More

  • Summer Potluck Picks

    Yes, yes, yes! Next week is Memorial Day Weekend… for me, the official start of the summer entertaining season. The air is turning warm and sweet with the smell of flowers and freshly mowed grass. The sun is shining and… Read More

  • Rah Rah Rah Today!

    April is a betwixt and between month. It’s not really warm but it’s no longer winter. The weather can go from sunny and hot to wet and chilly, from one day to another. I love April because it feels like… Read More

  • Saving Stategies

    Attend any gathering and you will likely hear the concerns (complaints!) about the rising costs of goods and services. Supply and demand are out of whack these days, so prices have risen… a lot! In fact, average consumer prices are… Read More

  • Spring Forward Without Losing Sleep

    March 12, 2023 – Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins, and Americans SPRING FORWARD! Well, most of them will. Did you know that some states and American territories have opted out of DST? But, we are much more aligned today than we… Read More

  • Help For Your Picky Eater

    Have you ever overheard another parent talk about how their little Taylor loves salmon, asparagus with hollandaise, or spicy gumbo? You know, foods your kids won’t touch! Why is it that Taylor loves these foods, and your child doesn’t? Lucky… Read More

  • Show Love With Your Heart

    Early in our marriage my husband gave me the best Valentine’s Day gift. It was sweet yet without the calories, thoughtful without it being too mushy, and wonderful without costing a lot. Hold on to your hearts and I’ll tell… Read More

  • Easy Gifts For Joy

    I’m in full swing with holiday parties, shopping, wrapping, decorating, and planning, planning and more planning! It’s a good time to pause, take a breath and remind myself the many reasons why I love the holidays. It’s important to feel… Read More

  • Cranberry Creations!

    What ingredient makes you feel likes it’s winter? I posed this question to my good friend Cary, and she immediately had an answer. I was grappling with my own thoughts…Brussels sprouts, potatoes, tenderloin, nuts, ginger, or how about cinnamon? The… Read More

  • Stay Energized!

    I admit it. I’m thankful Thanksgiving is over! The meal was great. And of course we love the leftovers, but the amount of carbs I consumed is way more than I like. No wonder I’ve been feeling sluggish, a little… Read More