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  • Impact At The Table

    Sometimes a small change can make a big impact. For example, I now hang my keys in the same place when I enter the house. By making that one small tweak to my routine, I saved myself time and angst… Read More

  • A Recipe for Happiness

    As if I need an excuse to get together with my friends, August 1st is National Girlfriend’s Day. I really value my girlfriends and we try to connect pretty often. We’re good about celebrating each other’s special gifts, important events… Read More

  • October Winners!

    Scroll down to see if you won! Earn points and win! Every month you can be entered to win a prize from DinnerTime if you have earned 50 points or more. Check out your scorecard to see how many points you’ve earned!… Read More

  • Happy Birthday Sir Frederick Banting!

    Go figure, just when I thought I knew everything about diabetes, I get to learn a new and interesting fact! I had assumed that November was designated as National Diabetes Month to caution folks to be mindful during the holiday… Read More

  • Come Together

    Once again, we start the school year a little differently than “normal”.  Just like this time last year, we’re all learning to adjust and make the best out of our circumstances. It hasn’t always been easy. Check out some of… Read More

  • Wonderful Water-full Watermelon

    These hot and humid days remind me of a fun summer festival that I used to attend in Maryland — the Great Eastern Shore Tomato Festival. There were bands and lots of tomatoes, raw oysters, and other local favorites. For… Read More

  • Come on over for a picnic!

    It was one of those rare summer days; no humidity and not too hot. It was a day of opportunity. I called up another family and proposed a picnic! By about this point in the summer, the heat has exhausted… Read More

  • Rah Rah Rah Day!

    April is a betwixt and between month. It’s not really warm but it’s no longer winter. The weather can go from sunny and hot to wet and chilly, from one day to another. I love April because it feels like… Read More

  • 6 Lessons Julia Taught Us

      I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.  ~Julia Child In honor of Women’s History Month, I am highlighting one of my favorite chefs, Julia Child. I was too young to appreciate her groundbreaking… Read More

  • DinnerTime Helps you Eat Heart-Healthy

    The Tin Woodman in the Wizard of Oz wished he only had a heart, only to find out he always had a heart! Turns out his heart was beating in all the right ways, and he just needed to be… Read More