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American Federation of Teachers


AFT Members will never ask “What’s For Dinner?” again!

Welcome to DinnerTime, where happiness is now being served.

The American Federation of Teachers and DinnerTime have partnered to make it more fun and less stressful for you to get a delicious, healthy dinner on the table—and save on groceries, too!

DinnerTime is making your first month entirely free, cancel at any time.

Use Referral Code: AFT for discount and one month trial free.

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DinnerTime Calendar Planner and Shopping List

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You’ll save time and money. We’ll plan meals you will love. Life will be so much easier.
As a DinnerTime member, you’ll get customized meal plans with nutritious entrees and side dishes based on your unique preferences—automatically using ingredients on sale at your local grocery store.

Your first month is on us!

An average family of four saves more than $100 per month on their food budget!

Through AFT, your DinnerTime subscription is discounted to $5.99/month or $59 for an annual subscription.


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Enter any of the following: AFT Member ID Number, AFT Local Name or Acronym, AFT Local Number, or Employer Name and get started!

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I think DinnerTime is such a great concept, especially for busy families! I think it’s amazing how your site not only creates meals based on your preferences but also connects you with items from your grocery store of choice that are on sale…AND…if you’re not feeling one of the meals that your system generated, you can have it generate a different one…genius!!
~Margie W.

I feel fortunate to have access to DinnerTime because it not only saves me time and money, but it has made my family eat healthier. I thought I couldn’t afford to eat healthier, but thanks to DinnerTime, I have lost weight and feel so much better.
~Tracey M.

I really appreciate that I can customize the menus to what I need, and what my family will actually eat. My wife is going through a low-calorie diet, and it benefits all of us in the long run.
~Amanda D.

DinnerTime has greatly improved our healthy eating habits, we plan ahead and are not forced to buy carry out every night (my wife has lost 30 lbs since we started using DinnerTime).
~Eric E.


DinnerTime will not share your personal information with your employer or any other party.