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Personalized Meal Plans by DinnerTime, Delivered by Peapod

Meal planning and grocery shopping has never been easier!

Baltimore, MD, April 19, 2017 – Meal planning technology company,, has teamed with America’s leading online grocer,, to make planning and shopping for delicious, affordable meals more convenient than ever before.

In the 24 U.S. markets served by Peapod, DinnerTime members can now select Peapod as their desired grocer. Automatically including ‘what’s on sale’ at Peapod, then recommends delicious meals based upon each household’s tastes, budget, time constraints, health concerns, food allergies, and other dietary restrictions and preferences. With a push of a button, the personalized meal plan and shopping list automatically creates a Peapod order for at-home delivery or pick-up at one of Peapod’s many convenient locations.

DinnerTime members save time on planning, while enjoying healthy meals much more affordably. For instance, DinnerTime members can enjoy meals like sesame-crusted salmon, wild rice, and grilled asparagus, or herbed pork chops with cinnamon apples and fresh green beans, or black bean spaghetti with chunky marinara sauce, all for as low as $3 per serving, using on-sale ingredients. DinnerTime’s more than 10 million different meal combinations of highly curated, kitchen-tested recipes meet every household’s needs and tastes, deliciously.

DinnerTime’s mission is to bring millions of families back to the dinner table, healthier and happier,” shared DinnerTime CEO, Laura Moore. “Everything we do is designed to make it easy and convenient for members to plan ahead and shop ahead for delicious meals made-at-home with great ingredients. More time with family and friends, less stress and strain. Delivery is the obvious next step, and who better than Peapod, the most trusted online grocer with nearly 30 years of experience delighting shoppers. We are so pleased to announce this relationship. More importantly, our members are really excited!”

“At Peapod, we understand that our customers are not just shopping for ingredients, they’re shopping for convenient meal solutions,” said Peapod’s Chief Marketing and Creative Officer Carrie Bienkowski. “With over 40 million orders delivered, we’ve helped our customers save time and money while getting dinner on the table. Partnering with DinnerTime was a natural choice and we’re thrilled to offer its members our service to simplify grocery shopping and streamline their meal planning process.”

In addition to being available for consumers in monthly or annual subscriptions, DinnerTime also partners with employers, health plans, health associations, and grocers. Many large employers and health plans, such as Johns Hopkins Employer Health Plan and Evergreen Health plan, provide as a free-to-member offering in their wellness programs. Likewise, large organizations such as the American Heart Association and the American Federation of Teachers sponsor DinnerTime for their millions of members. Learn more at and see a quick video at

DinnerTime members who join Peapod for the first time receive 60 days of Free Delivery and $20 off their first order of more than $100 by using promo code 60DAYSFREE at checkout. Plan, shop, and save!

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