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8 Tips to Keep the Scariest Part of Halloween at Bay

Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls oh my!

Halloween is a scary holiday but not many people actually think about what the scariest part of Oct. 31 is…

The amount of sugar consumed!

We all know too much sugar isn’t good for us but even as adults it’s hard to resist the infinite amount of candy available during October!

I used to fall into the same pattern every year. I told myself I was only going to have one Snickers bar, just one!

A couple of months later, my number one New Year’s resolution was to lose the weight I gained over the holidays that all started on Halloween.

Ugh, dieting. Now that is a scary picture!

Over the years I have developed a few strategies that have helped me and my family control ourselves.

  1. DON’T open the bags of candy you plan to pass out until Oct. 31. Hide them if you have to!
  2. Feed your family (and maybe some friends too!) before everyone starts “Trick or Treating.” A full belly of something healthy keeps that night’s candy consumption way down.
  3. When your kids come back with their loot (and they’ve counted it all!) separate and bag the varieties.
  4. Keep the top 3 favorite candy-types and give the rest to charity the next day. GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!
  5. Allow your kids to take a piece to school in their lunch box for a few days and maybe give them a piece after dinner too.
  6. Everyone’s candy bags go in the freezer. No secret candy stashes at my house!
  7. Out of sight out of mind. By day 5-6 they will have forgotten about it and you can move the rest out of the house.
  8. After you get rid of the candy, give the kids an apple or clementine for dessert to wean them back to healthy sources of natural sugar.

I hope everyone enjoys a happy and healthy Halloween!

Try one of these filling and nutritious recipes to fill up your big and little goblins before heading out.

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Panzanella Panini

Delicious crowd pleaser, even the ghosts like it!

Burger Soup

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