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Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

The pressure is on! Valentine’s Day is looming and we all feel like we need to buy gifts, cards, flowers, candy. Showing your love shouldn’t set you back big bucks. And Valentine’s Day dinner is no exception.

We asked our DinnerTime team their ideas for what makes their Valentine’s Day dinner meaningful. The first person to speak said “the atmosphere”. A little music, nice napkins and candles make a huge impact. Most of us agreed that a nice meal at home, something a bit special, is better than going out to eat. Plus, it’s a great way to include the whole family. Showing our children the simple things that bring us joy is a gift unto itself.

Our 6 suggestions to create a special heartfelt dinner at home:

  1. Music: Check out these top 100 love songs. There’s sure to be one or two that speaks to you. Create a playlist of your favorite choices. Start your evening off with a dance to set the mood.
  2.  Table: Set the table in advance with pretty napkins and pull out the good china. Let your creative juices flow! Here is a link for neat ideas to make your table stand out. Your beautiful table setting will set an expectation that something nice is happening for dinner.

3.  Flowers: Flowers can have a big impact when trying to convey your love. Roses are nice, but the markup for this holiday is crazy. There are plenty of other gorgeous flowers to bring home for the same wow factor without feeling guilty you spent so much. Learn the meaning of the different varieties of flowers. Impress your loved ones with the reasons you chose a particular flower.

4.  Cards: Sure there are some great cards for Valentine’s, but wouldn’t it be more meaningful if you made a card? Something simple such as the reasons you love that person or a special poem that says it all. Make a bunch of hearts with something sweet written on them and place them around the house. This is a great opportunity for the kids to help. Want some inspiration? Check out these famous quotes about love.

5. Candy: A huge box of chocolates sounds nice, but is it really the right choice? Make our recipe for brownies and cut them out with a heart cookie cutter.  Homemade and yummy.  Naturally, the children will want to help you!

6.  Food: Pick something special. Making a wonderful meal doesn’t mean it’s complicated or super costly. Search in your DinnerTime Recipe Box for a favorite dish or something new. We even have yummy desserts now!

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing love. However, every day is an opportunity to show love to one another.


Lovingly prepare your own special meal with these delicious recipes.

Oven-Roasted Salmon, Asparagus and New Potatoes

A heart-healthy choice to make for your sweetheart!

Mini Chocolate Mousse Tarts

The perfect rich creamy mousse to finish your meal!

Beef Medallions in Portobello Wine Sauce

An elegant entree all in one skillet.