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Power of Your Profile!

Are you using your profiles to customize your DinnerTime meal plan?

 Remember when you created your first meal profile called “The Usual”? Well a lot happened from that first profile…

From your “Usual” profile came all sorts of magic! The system automatically created some additional personalized profiles such as “grilling”, “meatless”, and “20 minutes”. Each of these additional profiles includes your preferences for time, budget, servings, and taste, as well as health concerns and dietary restrictions. If necessary, you can adjust those profiles individually and change their requirements.


 You can change your profile either before or after you spin a meal plan!

  • Before you start a new meal plan, click on the gray profile bar at the top of a calendar day. Select your preferred profile from the dropdown list that appears. You will then see the new profile represented at the top of the day. There is even a profile called “Other Plans” to choose for a night that you aren’t cooking at home.
  • After you have spun a meal plan, you can change the profile for any of the meals. The system will “re-spin” a meal recommendation that fits that new profile.


Want to create a new profile for special days, such as “Babysitter Night”, “Jack’s home from College”, or “Party Night”?  It’s so easy…


Click on the PROFILES link in the navigation bar at the top of the meal planner, scroll down to “Create new profile”. Change any of the parameters such as cooking experience, budget or time. Save at the bottom of the page by clicking “I’m Finished…Let’s Go”.

Voila! Now you can elect to use this profile on any given day.

Just as easily, you can update “The Usual” profile. Did something change in your household such as your children are becoming more adventurous in their food choices or decide they don’t care for mushrooms? Just click on your Usual profile in the navigation bar, make your adjustments, and save at the bottom.


You have the power to adjust your meal plan as much as you want to make sure dinner is delightful!