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Cooking with Mom. 10 Easy ways to spend time with Mom in the kitchen.

How loud can a whisper be?  Pretty loud with young children trying to sneak out of the house on Mother’s Day to let Mom sleep in. Every year my husband would get the kids up early and attempt to let me sleep in. It was a sweet thought and the kids believed that they were successful.  In a way, they were, because as I listened to them trying to be quiet, it would bring a smile to my face as I burrowed deeper under the covers. I was listening to my family honoring me as “Mom.”  Every day I feel my family honor me in the little moments… like my daughter looking over at me from first base or my son running to greet me as I pull up for carpool.  The sharing of a moment big or small is what I want to be a part of, and fortunately, my children want to share those moments with me.

I certainly don’t need expensive presents to know my children love me. I just want time together. Ironically, when asked, kids will say the same thing. They want more time with their parents. This also reminds me to spend more time with my own mother, and to reach out to those other women who have had a mothering influence in my life. They want to spend time together too.

This year we challenge you to find ways to spend time in the kitchen with your children, your Mom, and other “mothering” role models. The simple act of cooking together deepens a lifelong connection, ensuring that the knowledge passed from one generation continues down through the next. As mothers, the act of feeding our families healthy and delicious food nurtures our souls as it fuels their bodies.

Give a valued gift this year: time spent together in the kitchen. 10 Easy ways to find those special moments:

  1. Pick a date to make a dinner together. Setting a time and day will lead to more conversation about the nature of the meal.
  2. Surprise your Mom with a cooking class together. It’s fun to do and you share the experience and knowledge learned.
  3. Test new recipes together. It’s fun and everyone appreciates learning a new way to make chicken!
  4. Choose recipes you want to learn from your Mom or pass down to your children. Her knowledge will be precious as she feels valued.
  5. Make a meal for a charity such as your local soup kitchen. Pick a DinnerTime recipe and adjust the servings to ensure the right amount of ingredients.
  6. Make soup or small casseroles to keep in the freezer for times when you want to drop food off to a friend in need.
  7. Prep for the week together. One person can be chopping vegetables and another preparing the proteins. The conversation is shared.
  8. Cook together from afar. If your Mom lives far away, make a virtual cooking date. Skype as you cook and talk about your day. She won’t feel so far away.
  9. Compile your family’s favorite recipes together and develop a digital file to share with future generations. Send your recipes to to be able to easily adjust the number of servings and integrate them into your DinnerTime meal plan.
  10. Create a digital book of mealtime memories. What were your mom’s mealtime rituals growing up and her favorite memories? Did she do the same things when she became a mom? Think of what you will learn.

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