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Come on over for a Picnic!

It was one of those rare summer days; no humidity and not too hot. It was a day of opportunity. I called up another family and proposed a picnic!

By about this point in the summer, the heat has exhausted me, and my interest to do much outside is limited. But this special summer night was perfect for a picnic under the stars. Well, it started in the sunlight and ended under the stars, accompanied by the flitting of fireflies. Stories were told, good food was enjoyed, and laughter was abundant.

Impromptu picnics are fun any time of year. I’ve held picnics in the living room in the middle of winter, as well as the traditional summer outside picnics. On vacation, we take a “breakfast picnic” to enjoy after we hike up to our favorite view of the lake. Picnics are ideal to enjoy at outdoor concerts and movie showings. There are so many venues to enjoy picnics.  The tone is set for fun just by announcing “This is a picnic!

It takes three ingredients to make a memorable picnic:

  1. Location: Any place will do as long as it is different from where you eat every day. Throw a blanket wherever you choose, and Presto! Instant picnic.
  2. Food: Easy-to-make and easy-to-transport food and beverages are key. Cold dishes are the norm, but bringing your hot dishes to the blanket works just as well. The point is to sit and stay.
  3. Participants: Invite friends, family, neighbors. It’s fun to share with others, but even a picnic alone or with immediate family can be special.

Check out these fun no-cost ideas to enjoy at your picnic:

  • Be a kid and play games: Games can range from a brisk game of tag (remember freeze tag and flashlight tag?) to touch football and volleyball. Here are some ideas for relay races. It’s pretty hilarious for the kids to share in these games with the adults.
  •  Singing makes your heart soar: Check out these lists of favorite songs to sing around the campfire. If you are really lucky, someone will bring a guitar! Singing together is fun, and we don’t do it enough.
  • Light it up with fireflies: Put grass and a piece of apple in the bottom of a mason jar to create moisture and a natural habitat. No need to poke holes in the top, or the air will become too dry. As long as you let your fireflies go free by the next morning, they will be fine.
  • Ahhhh! Scare ‘em with ghost stories: Check out these classic ghost stories, or dredge up the ones you remember from your youth.
  • Let the stars end the evening: Stargazing is a great way to calm everyone down and really appreciate our beautiful world and beyond. Check out this site for more info on stargazing.

Check out these recipes great for picnics:

Search for your favorite dishes in your DinnerTime Recipe Box.

Easy to make. Serve cold or hot.

Lime juice brings a refreshing twist to this salad.

Classic picnic desert. Yum!