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The Facts Support Family Meals.

Check out these facts:

The more times you eat together as a family each week, the more your family connection increases, which means increased self-esteem, sense of well-being, and positive social behaviors. This relates to the adults as well as children.

Without reading these facts, I know in my heart that eating together is the right thing to do. I recognize that our family connection is enhanced, and we all feel more balanced and supported. I’m always motivated to do better when I read information like this.

Knowing the benefits of family meals is great, but it’s really about how to achieve this goal of regular, expected family meals that will work in our crazy lives. I’m not the most organized person, so anything that helps me be more on top of my schedule of meetings, back-to-school nights, sports practices and work is well appreciated.

I like to cook but I don’t always like to have to cook!

Sometimes, I am just so pressed for time, so the ease of a recipe and knowing I have the ingredients on hand is key. I used to go through phases of eating the same thing over and over until everyone complained. It’s easier now because I use my DinnerTime meal recommendations for a lot more variety. Although my Usual profile captures all my needs, I sometimes have fun searching in the DinnerTime Recipe Box. My favorite searches are “sheet pan,” “one pot,” “easy” and “slow cooker.” You can see a theme! I then add these dishes to my meal plan, and know that all the ingredients will appear on my DinnerTime Grocery List. What I find on my own in my DinnerTime Recipe Box search inspires and excites me to make these meals. My other trick is to double the number of servings, and enjoy the meal another night. I love knowing we are eating healthy foods that will power our brains, bodies and energies.

We challenge you to make one more meal at home a week. Reap the rewards of a more-connected family.

Look what I found in my DinnerTime Recipe Box search!

Search in your DinnerTime Recipe Box to find your favorite dishes easy to make at home.

Remember to rate recipes and “favorite” them to your recipe box.

A low calorie flavorful dish.

A fragrant and delicious meal.

A perfect meal for leftover chicken.