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Dietary Plans

Does the word “diet” make you grimace? I get that. So many of us diet, but aren’t sure what to eat in our diet. Diet means what we habitually eat for food and drink. According to Webster’s, in the Middle and Early Modern English periods, the word “diet” also referred to a “way of living.” As a society concerned with weight and looking good instead of being healthy and feeling good, “diet” has become a word to describe what we can’t eat, not what we can.

DinnerTime is committed to creating meal recommendations that work for your personal household. The meals recommended are what you can enjoy within your requirements without worry. Your diet is a way of living.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out/review your “Usual” profile:

As you fill out your profile and indicate the various health concerns, restrictions, taste preferences etc., DinnerTime is doing its magic to create meal recommendations that fit your needs. And these requirements cross-reference each other. For example, if you eat vegetarian, have a nut allergy, and are trying to cut your carbs, then DinnerTime will recommend low-carb vegetarian meals that will never include nuts. Pretty cool, right?!

Need to change your profile?

Change your profile at any time. The changes will be reflected the next time you create a meal plan.

Choose your diet Plan:

Based on what you indicate in your profile, the system will automatically recommend a particular diet plan. NEWS FLASH! You can change that diet plan to a different plan. Choose the plan that fits with your goals and your own “way of living.” In fact, we encourage you to read the information provided for each dietary plan. Each dietary plan is healthy and balanced, but the one you pick is the right one for your household.

Check out some of these delicious recipes that work for your dietary plan.