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Save Money like Susan!

Don’t you love to hear good news? Hearing from our members how DinnerTime has helped them with the daily challenge of providing healthy and delicious meals that work for their families is music to our ears!  Just like the comments above, our members tell us that one of the key benefits to using DinnerTime is the $avings. Recently we received an amazing email from Susan who went into detail about how she is saving money by using DinnerTime. She could have written a blog … so I called her up and we wrote one together!

Being able to save money for the future and enjoy life as it comes is important to Susan and her family. When she was younger, she realized that managing her grocery expenses was key to staying within her household budget. She developed strategies to save money, such as cooking at home (eating out costs 3-5 times the cost of eating at home), scouring the weekly flyer to find out what was on sale, and using a grocery list when she shops.

Susan was thrilled when a friend told her about DinnerTime. DinnerTime neatly accomplished all she was trying to do, but in a much more organized and reliable manner. When DinnerTime introduced the Pantry feature, she couldn’t stop singing our praises to all her friends. (Naturally, we love hearing that!)

Check out Susan’s tips to save money with DinnerTime:

Profile builder: Susan says the Profile Builder is the foundation of her DinnerTime experience. She set her meal budget to $2-$4 a serving, and was surprised by the variety of meals she is able to afford. No longer did she need to hunt through the grocery store circular. She loves the power of the Profile Builder to customize the meal recommendations. (Remember, you can edit any of your Profiles.)

Meal Planner: Susan never goes to the grocery store without first consulting her calendar and making a plan. In her mind, that would be a terrible waste of time, energy and money. She says it only takes her five minutes with DinnerTime to plan what she needs for her family. 

Pantry: One of Susan’s pet peeves is waste. Susan makes sure she uses what she has on hand before she buys more, and loves how DinnerTime does this for her. Americans throw out more than 400 pounds of food per person per year, which comes to a total loss of $218 billion in wasted groceries annually. Ouch! It really bothers Susan (and us!) that there is so much food waste. Recently, a friend gave her three dozen eggs from his farm, so she added them to the Pantry and clicked “use soon.” DinnerTime suggested this delicious Mini Vegetable Frittata recipe to use up some of the eggs. And since she loves to bake for others, she made this easy Vanilla Hot Milk Butter Cake from scratch using, yep, her fresh eggs. (Susan says fresh eggs make the lightest cakes!)

Grocery List: She loves DinnerTime’s Grocery List because it is well organized by section, plus she never forgets her list at home since she always has it handy on her phone. Her go-to breakfast and lunch ingredients are automatically added from the Pantry’s “frequent purchase” list. She says sticking to the list keeps her from making impulse buys. She shops more efficiently, leaving her time to do other errands or spend time with her friends and family.

We at DinnerTime love that Susan values the things money cannot buy, like friendship and good conversation. She knows that by sticking to her budget, she is more able to enjoy what she truly cares to do. Thanks, Susan, for your wonderful email, and for letting us share your experience and advice with other DinnerTime members to help them save money, eat healthier, and enjoy life to its fullest.

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