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Take a walk this spring

Did you know this Saturday, March 30th is “Take a Walk in the Park Day”? Sounds like a lovely idea, particularly if you live in an area where the flowers are beginning to bloom and the birds are chirping. Making the time to walk through a park certainly hadn’t been something on my list of “must-do” for this weekend. But maybe it should.

Walking in the park for just 30 minutes has many health benefits such as burning calories, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and improving mood. Walking, especially in a pretty park or on a nature trail, leads to an overall feeling of happiness, mental clarity and energy. When I feel better about myself I make better choices in every aspect of my life.

Feeling happy and energetic should be a daily goal. Now that spring has arrived, I’m going to make getting outdoors a priority. When that’s not feasible, I want to do something that achieves some of the same benefits as a walk outside.

Six ways to find renewal this spring:

  1. Take a break from all screens: Our minds are overcrowded with information, and we need to allow ourselves time to appreciate what is going on around us in the moment. Studies show that too much screen time is detrimental to our physical and mental health, increasing anxiety and unhappiness. Some folks find an hour break is beneficial; others will take a 24-hour break. 
  2. Take any kind of walk: Walk around the house, up the stairs, around the office or down the block. Walking in any form allows better oxygen flow, and improves mental clarity.
  3. Meditate: There are numerous meditation apps to help you feel more energetic, centered and happy.
  4. Engage in a hobby: Knitting, gardening, sudoko, etc., can help you reconnect with yourself as you do something you truly enjoy, (as in, not the laundry!)
  5. Have a good laugh: Laughing releases “feel-good” endorphins. It reduces stress, reduces blood pressure, protects the heart, and even burns calories. So catch a funny movie, check out a comic, or call your friend who always makes you laugh.
  6. Make a healthy dinner: Eating more fruits and vegetables can make you happier even faster than it makes you healthier. Conversely, diets high in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods are associated with a greater risk of depression. And … I appreciate that planning my meals with DinnerTime gives me more time to take my walk in the park! 😉

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