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Lean on DinnerTime

Let’s talk about what we CAN do as we navigate these challenging times.

Like so many, our team at DinnerTime is deeply concerned about COVID-19. Projections and policies recommended and mandated by our local, state and federal authorities change daily, even hourly. And yet, there are still a lot of “unknowns” regarding this virus.

Many of us feel out of control, even as we follow the guidelines and protocols to protect our families, friends and neighbors. This is a time of high stress: emotionally, financially and physically.

Lean on DinnerTime

DinnerTime is here to help you gain a measure of control in your day-to-day management and to mitigate the stresses brought on by this pandemic. We will be focusing a series of emails helping to support and inspire your good health, reduce your stress and help you find silver linings.

We will be covering topics from how and why to stay healthy, saving money, and even spring cleaning strategies. As with any difficulty, we try to look for the silver lining.

We are so impressed and encouraged to see the outpouring of resources provided by folks offering free services. Wow, you can watch a Broadway play, listen to storytime, take a guided tour through a museum, stream a concert by a world-class musician, listen to concerts at the Met, and even develop a follow-along school lesson plan. I saw a post on FaceBook by a woman offering free yoga sessions every day for kids. I took the class since I’m just a big kid…It was just what I needed!

How will you find the silver lining during this time? Set your positive intentions. What would you like to accomplish?  How should you set yourself up for success? Do you want to finish your taxes, get closer with your family, teach your dog new tricks, clean out the closets, spend focused time on work, learn to meditate, learn a new language, adopt healthy eating habits?….the possibilities are endless.

Let’s start with something simple. Dinner.

Develop your meal plan with healthy comfort foods like the ones below.

Search for more healthy comfort food recipes in your DinnerTime Recipe Box.

Make extra for leftovers or lunch the next day.

 A classic, hearty family meal that is just as tasty the next day.

  A delicious way to use leftover rice.

And Just for a bit of fun, we loved this graphic!