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Archive for the ‘Holidays and Other Occasions’ Category

  • Keepin’ it cool on the 4th!

    Do you have memories of super-hot 4th of Julys? I mean burn your feet as you run across the beach hot, fry an egg on the sidewalk kinda heat. It’s the day that says, “Summer has definitely arrived.” And it always… Read More

  • Practicing Mindfulness…with Yoga.

    Happy International Yoga Day!  As I’m constantly juggling a busy schedule as a college student, it’s hard to balance what little free time I do have. I often find myself trying to make time for my friends, while also trying… Read More

  • Dear Dad: How the lessons you taught make the best fried chicken.

    With Father’s Day upon us again, I wanted to make my dad a dinner worthy of his influence and love on my life. Out of all the meals Dad loves, his favorite remains classic Buttermilk Fried Chicken.   As I… Read More

  • Cooking with Mom. 10 Easy ways to spend time with Mom in the kitchen.

    How loud can a whisper be?  Pretty loud with young children trying to sneak out of the house on Mother’s Day to let Mom sleep in. Every year my husband would get the kids up early and attempt to let… Read More

  • Cinco de Mayo…Recipes, tips and more to plan your fiesta.

    Hola! Shake a maraca and samba your way over to join us for a fun El Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Dip into our Chipotle-Black Bean Salsa and sip on a margarita. It’s fiesta time and we’re ready to celebrate. I’m always up… Read More

  • Food-foolery. 7 ideas for April Fools’ Day food fun.

    Every year I wish I was a bit more creative when it comes to planning the perfect April Fools’ Day prank. Some of the best tricks that have gone down in history are the ones we don’t see coming. I’m… Read More

  • Food and Faith: Spring Holidays

    When we sit down to share a meal with others, it feeds our soul as well as our bellies. Food is essential to life, and therefore the sharing of it is, by definition, a deeply spiritual act. Sacrificing self for… Read More

  • St Patrick’s Day

      Sure and begorrah, Saint Paddy’s day is upon us again. What began as a religious feast day to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, has become a globally recognized celebration of all things Irish…. Read More

  • Pi(e) Day? Feeling Irrational – Eat Some Pie!

    Happy Pi Day! The geeks among us know what we’re talking about when we say “Happy Pi Day!”. Would you like to be in on the celebration? Pi is the name of a very special number, represented by the Greek… Read More

  • Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

    The pressure is on! Valentine’s Day is looming and we all feel like we need to buy gifts, cards, flowers, candy. Showing your love shouldn’t set you back big bucks. And Valentine’s Day dinner is no exception. We asked our… Read More