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Feed Your Heart, Feed Your Soul, Feed America

If you had to choose between feeding your family or paying the rent what would you do? Would you feed your family or pay for transportation to get to work or school? How about medical care? These are tough choices that too many Americans have to make every day.

As part of our mission to effect positive healthy change in how America eats, DinnerTime supports organizations that help bring nutritional meals and habits to all members of the community.

We donate to Feeding America in honor of those DinnerTime members who have made DinnerTime their tool to feed their own families.  As you plan your meals and shop for the necessary ingredients to feed your household, you will be earning nutritious meals for others!

Why do we support Feeding America? Because through their affiliated food banks and food programs across the country, Feeding America serves over 46 million Americans, 12 million of whom are children and 7 million seniors. That’s a lot of folks who experience food insecurity.

According to Feeding America, food insecurity creates “trade-offs between important basic needs, such as housing or medical bills and purchasing nutritionally adequate foods.” Consequently, millions of Americans purchase cheap foods which have lower nutritional value, resulting in serious long term health issues.

DinnerTime helps our members eat nutritionally within a reasonable budget. By advantaging ingredients on sale at the grocery store we can recommend nutritionally balanced meals that meet health goals for under $2 a meal. In fact we have over 80,000 meal combinations that do just that!

What can you do today to help reduce food insecurity in your state? Here is a link to find a food bank in your state.

Check out these 5 ways Feeding America encourages us to take action in the fight against hunger:

1. Donate money: “For every $1 donated, the Feeding America network of food banks secures and distributes 10 meals to people facing hunger”

2. Donate food. Click here to learn where you can donate in your state.

3. Volunteer time: 51% of all food programs rely on volunteers. Include your friends and family for a more meaningful experience.

4. Raise money in creative ways. Start a fundraiser. This a great opportunity to teach your children how to resource their efforts for a greater impact.

5. Raise Awareness: Advocate for a hunger-free America by reaching out to Congress and posting on social media.

As noted by Stephanie Watson, Executive Editor, Harvard Women’s Health Watch, growing evidence indicates a positive health impact on mental and physical wellbeing from volunteering one’s time. Help yourself as you help others.

Join us to fight hunger in America. Our friends, our neighbors, our communities need our help.