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Our gift to you! Say “Hello” to your new Pantry Manager!

At DinnerTime, we make small improvements all the time but this is a MAJOR enhancement created to help you save money, save time and reduce waste. Sounds great, right?

You’ll now be able to:

  • Keep track of what is in your pantry, freezer, fridge, spice rack, even in your herb or vegetable garden!
  • Indicate what items are running low and what you need to replace.
  • Use up excess ingredients or ones that will expire soon in your next meal plan.
  • Shop from a smarter grocery list, one that knows what you already have on hand.


Let’s get started!

On your Grocery List, you can add items directly to your Pantry Manager. 
(Note that we’ve added a few common items already.)

You can easily remove items too!



…Or to use all your Pantry power:

  1. Find the Pantry Manager in the navigation bar

  1. Add items by typing in the search field and clicking on the yellow ‘plus’ icon when the correct item appears.

  1. Or you can add items by simply clicking through the categories.

For example, if you click on:

…these items will appear:

For any items that you have added, you can toggle:

Running Low” to remind you to add to your next grocery list

Use Soon” to advantage this ingredient in your next meal plan. (Not all food items may be able to be used with a given profile.)

Options” adds even more power:

  1. Search Recipes: Find recipes using this ingredient. Add them to your Meal Plan or save them to Favorites.
  2. Edit: Add a special note such as “buy again before Joe comes home from college” or “use before August 31”.
  3. Recurring: Set reminder for all shopping lists, e.g. milk (coming soon).
  4. Delete: If you no longer have it or want to keep it in the Pantry.

We hope that you are as excited as we are with this new feature. (Imagine a cupboard that doesn’t have 3 jars of the same spice, or a freezer without out-of-date freezer-burned meat!)

Let us know how it’s working for you! Reach out on Chat, or check out the new Pantry tutorial in Help if you have any questions.

Start building today….With just a few clicks you can be in control of your pantry!