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Rock Your Recipe Box

I love browsing recipes. I used to collect old recipe books and flip though them periodically. In particular, I loved the ones that were published by a community association like a church or garden club. These were “tried and true” recipes that an average cook like me could attempt with success. That feeling of “I found a new recipe I want to try” is the best!

Searching the Internet for recipes can be overwhelming. Why can’t I find the one I saw just the other day? Which one should I try? Will it fit my health requirements? Why don’t they publish the nutrition facts? Now I bypass all that “noise” and rely on my DinnerTime Recipe Box. It’s easy to search, and I get all the information I need. I can save a recipe for later or add it to my meal plan. Plus, knowing that DinnerTime is constantly adding new curated and highly rated recipes excites me.

How to use your DinnerTime Recipe Box:

On your computer, hover over or click on RECIPES in the top navigation bar, and click on Recipe Search. On your phone, click on RECIPE BOX in main menu, or on RECIPES in the navigation bar.

To find the recipes that delight you:

  • Click the filter icon on the right to search by course and ratings. Click on one or more filters that you want to apply.
  • In the search field, type in an ingredient, cuisine, recipe name or even an occasion such as Thanksgiving or tailgating. You can also search by cooking equipment such as grill, slow cooker and pressure cooker.
  1. Note the nutritional values associated with each recipe, and the green, yellow and red buttons indicating if the recipe falls within your nutritional parameters, allergies and religious or cultural restrictions. Remember, this indication is only for that particular recipe, not the whole meal.
  2. Click on the title of the recipe to view the ingredients and instructions which will open in a new tab.
  3. Add a recipe to your Favorites Recipe Box by clicking the heart to the right of the recipe. DinnerTime will create a Favorites Profile once you have added 10 or more favorites!
  4. Add a recipe to your meal plan by clicking the calendar icon. It will automatically scale to your preferred number of servings.

Do you have favorite recipes from your own cookbooks? Send us your recipes ( and we will add them to your Favorites. You’ll be able to edit the number of servings plus, all the ingredients needed will be automatically added to your grocery list.

Check out some of the exciting recipes I found with search filters.

Search in your DinnerTime Recipe Box to find just the right recipe using search filters.

Remember to rate recipes, and “favorite” them to your recipe box.

Appetizer, 4 Stars and Beans

Main Dish, 4 Stars, Slow Cooker and Chicken

Dessert, Lemon (delicious!)