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Tricky and Fun Halloween Ideas

Halloween will be extra tricky this year. According to the National Confectioners Association, 80% of adults they surveyed believe they can still make Halloween fun. I want to make it scary…in a good way. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to all things scary so making plans that help make this year fun and tricky are much more my style. With a wave of my magic wand, I’ll put a healthy spell on this Halloween.

Let your brains ooze with safe and not-so-scary ideas.

Check out a few of these Halloween suggestions

Face Mask Fright: Let your face mask become part of the fun:

  • Decorate your mask to reflect your costume. Vampire fangs? Or a goblin grin? With a little imagination your little (and big) monsters can create their own special mask with just a few items like fabric glue, pipe cleaners, paint, string and rhinestones.

Trick or treating: Not like before, maybe better.

  • Place individually prepared baggies filled with candy outside your home for all the little goblins to grab. Make things more fun with spooky decorations.
  • Drop off prepared bags of candy to neighbor’s homes with a note from their neighborhood witch. Ring the doorbell, yell Boo and run!

Car Rides: A car ride can scare up more fun.

  • Decorate your car for a drive-by parade.
  • Set up a table with individually wrapped candy bags for each car to collect their own bag of goodies.
  • Drive around and look at everyone’s decorations. Who has the best carved pumpkins?

Haunted in your home: Your home is your own haunted castle…or crypt…or just extra spooky!

  • Set up a “haunt” in your home. A bonus of keeping it in your own haunted house is you control the type of candy and other treasures for the big and little kids.
  • Decorate with cobwebs, spiders and all things eek-worthy. Put the lights down low to create a spookier atmosphere and play Halloween themed music.
  • Mix in a few craft sets, coloring books and supplies or a new book for the family to read together. If you have just enough candy to make it feel abundant, the kids won’t miss that they would have had a huge pile of candy…most of which never gets eaten.
  • Create clues for where you have hidden candy or other treats and treasures. Let your own inner creative goblin brain flow to write clues such as “Find your treasure with other things that measure” (answer: the drawer with the measuring cups.)

Costumes: Host a virtual costume contest for family, friends or school mates.

  • Dressing up is fun, no matter the age. Create categories to judge like scariest, goriest and funniest.

Movie Night: Embrace the gory, the scary the scream-worthy movies of October.

  • Whatever your flavor, you can find a movie the whole family will want to watch together. Hocus Pocus and Ghost Busters are two of my favorites. (Did I mention I don’t like scary?!) Check out this listing for more ideas. Ok, I love Casper too!

Food Fun: Creep out your kids with a classic Halloween party game, “Guess What It Is.” Place items in boxes with cut out spaces to insert hands. Write and or decorate what is in the box, such as brains or ears.  Everyone writes down what they think is being used. Just the suggestion that the box is filled with eyeballs brings out the icky! Ewww!

  • Eyeballs. Peeled grapes or olives
  • Guts. Any kind of long stringy pasta. Add a bit of oil so the strands are extra slippery.
  • Brains. Steamed cauliflower
  • Ears. Dried apricots
  • Teeth. Dried corn kernels or candy corn
  • Liver. Canned peaches
  • Fingernails. Slivered almonds
  • Fingers. Carrot sticks

Halloween doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Treat your tricksters with creative Halloween-inspired snacks. Check out these cute…I mean scary… ideas.



Mini pumpkins. Peel clementines and insert a short celery stick into the top of each of them. So cute…not scary!







Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Bowls. Using a sharp knife, cut off the top of a large orange. Scoop out the inside as carefully as possible (a grapefruit knife would be helpful). Then cut out the jack o’ lantern face and the top in a diagonal pattern. Fill with any combination of fruit you like.





Ghostly bananas: Peel bananas and cut them straight across about three-quarters of the way down. Using a dab of nut butter, stick three chocolate chips onto each banana to make a ghostly face. These ghostly treats will quickly disappear!





Oozing brains: Cut off the top of a pepper neatly and seed and core. Using a sharp knife, cut out the jack o’ lantern face. Fill with pasta of your choice. The kids will be screaming!



We hope you enjoy a fun and scary (in a good way) Halloween. Please continue to check out your area’s regulations regarding safe Trick or Treating. The CDC continues to encourage us all to keep safe distances from each other and to always wear a mask in public.

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