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The Surprising Top 5 Recipes of 2020

DinnerTime members use the term favorite to describe selecting a recipe to save in their own DinnerTime Recipe Box. After favoriting a recipe, they easily add it to their Meal Plan. We decided to learn what recipes DinnerTime members chose to favorite during 2020.

Our members repeatedly favorited easily-prepared simple recipes. At first, we were surprised to learn that the most favorited recipes were not the most highly rated. The top five favorited recipes are all tried and true, uncomplicated, quick, need only a few ingredients, and are easy to make.

Despite the Instagram photos of homemade sourdough bread and charcuterie platters, many people weren’t creating fabulously complicated meals every night in 2020. For instance, a friend who now telecommutes no longer stops by the store on her way home. She and her husband decided to create dinners with less than five ingredients, to simplify their online grocery shopping. They lean on their DinnerTime Planner and Pantry Manager now more than ever.

Merriam-Webster recently announced its Word of the Year for 2020. Any guesses? You probably guessed right – pandemic. Some of the runners-up also make sense, from malarky (Joe Biden’s fave word) to asymptomatic. But there’s another word used a lot in my circle of friends and family. That word was uncertain, defined as “not able to be relied upon, not known or definite.”

In uncertain times, we tend to conserve our energy and headspace to be prepared for the next surprise. Simple recipes make sense. Remember Victor Frankl’s quote on abnormal times.

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.”
― Victor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

With the word uncertainty in mind, the top five recipes saved by DinnerTime members in 2020 make perfect sense.  With all the uncertainty whirling about us in 2020, DinnerTime members looked to DinnerTime’s recipes and grocery lists to provide a place where they could easily feed their families, perhaps between home zoom schooling, work, and worry. If you need a reminder about using your DinnerTime Recipe Box and how to save recipes by favoriting them, click here.

And now, onto the winners!

Favorited recipes of 2020

5 herbed pork chops 4 old bay crusted salmon

AAAAAAAANND the Number One Most Favorited Recipe is:

Which recipes are you going to try?

Check out the full recipes below:

Ginger Pork Stir-Fry

Garlic Pepper Skillet Chicken

Parmesan Herb Shrimp

Old Bay Crusted Salmon

Herbed Pork Chops

Did you choose your own favorite recipe this year? Let us know about it, or do you have a favorite recipe that isn’t in our database? Please send it to us at