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Top 5…Our Members Love These Recipes

DinnerTime members use the term favorite to describe selecting a recipe to save in their own DinnerTime Recipe Box. After favoriting a recipe, they easily add it to their Meal Plan. We always love to see what recipes DinnerTime members are favoriting.

It wasn’t a surprise to learn our members repeatedly favorited easily-prepared simple recipes in 2022. The top five favorited recipes are all tried and true, uncomplicated, quick, need only a few ingredients, and are easy to make.

Let’s be real, most of us are not choosing to make a complicated recipe on a weeknight. It’s important to me to get a healthy meal on the table in under 30 minutes and one that doesn’t require a long list of ingredients. I tend to keep many of the same dishes in my rotation because I feel confident in these recipes. Every now and then, I’ll try a new recipe over the weekend, when I have more time and energy.

Despite the many social media photos of beautiful dishes with lots of fancy ingredients, many people weren’t creating fabulously complicated meals every night in 2022. For many of our members, controlling and even reducing their food budget was important. For instance, a friend who now telecommutes, no longer stops by the store on her way home. She and her husband decided to create dinners with less than five ingredients, to simplify their online grocery shopping. They lean on their DinnerTime Planner and Pantry Manager now more than ever.

With all the economic uncertainty whirling about us in 2022, DinnerTime members looked to DinnerTime’s recipes and grocery lists to provide a place where they could easily feed their families healthy and tasty meals within their food budgets.

If you need a reminder about using your DinnerTime Recipe Box and how to save recipes by favoriting them, click here.

And now, onto the winners!

Favorited recipes of 2022

AAAAAAAANND the Number One Most Favorited Recipe is:

Which recipes are you going to try?

Did you choose your own favorite recipe this year? Let us know about it, or do you have a favorite recipe that isn’t in our database? Please send it to us at