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Archive for the ‘Star Ingredients’ Category

  • Dear Dad: How the lessons you taught make the best fried chicken.

    With Father’s Day upon us again, I wanted to make my dad a dinner worthy of his influence and love on my life. Out of all the meals Dad loves, his favorite remains classic Buttermilk Fried Chicken.   As I… Read More

  • Get Your Grill On

    Grill season is heating up. DinnerTime has some tips to help keep your grill gatherings safe and scrumptious. Safety First! The FDA publishes guidelines on how to keep your guests healthy when grilling. The simplest and most important step is… Read More

  • 10 Best Tips for Flavorful Burgers

    As long weekends go, Memorial Day is one of my favorites. Memorial Day weekend forces me to take a good pause and truly relax. We hang out together as a family and inevitably join up with friends and neighbors for… Read More

  • Lettuce Celebrate!

    Happy National Salad Month! Hi! I’m Haley and this summer I’ll be interning with DinnerTime. I am extremely excited to learn about all things food, especially since I am a rising senior in college and am now faced with answering… Read More

  • Asparagus, Food of the gods?

    For many, asparagus is considered a favorite and special vegetable. I have always loved asparagus and serve it often. It’s easy and fast to prepare, plus I think it’s a perfect side dish for any type of entertaining. Serve it… Read More

  • Cinco de Mayo…Recipes, tips and more to plan your fiesta.

    Hola! Shake a maraca and samba your way over to join us for a fun El Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Dip into our Chipotle-Black Bean Salsa and sip on a margarita. It’s fiesta time and we’re ready to celebrate. I’m always up… Read More

  • Garlic. 5 Tips to help you cook like a chef in your own kitchen.

    Garlic is one of those staples found in my kitchen any time of the year. The smell of garlic sautéing in a pan lets everyone in our family know I am cooking up something tasty! I add it to a… Read More

  • Eggs-actly what I love.

    I have a friend who loves egg salad sandwiches. I mean she really loves them and will call me up to suggest I make her an egg salad sandwich lunch. Notice I am the one making the egg salad. Not… Read More

  • Popeye loved his spinach. 9 Reasons we do too.

    Do you remember Popeye? He was the goofy cartoon character who understood the power of spinach. Popeye had it going on. He was brave, he was cute, he was strong and he had Olive Oyl. And Popeye really loved his… Read More

  • Stop Sobbing! Learn to Love your Onions

    Onions are a staple in so many dishes. When eaten raw our taste buds are zapped by the sharp astringent flavor. When cooked, especially when sautéed slowly, the astringency departs and leaves a sweet creamy flavor. The onion belongs to… Read More